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Efficient Features for Streamlining Your Nonprofit's Donations: Discover Charityerp's Donation Management Software


CharityERP's online donation portal is a user-friendly and customizable platform that allows non-profits to accept donations securely and easily. The portal is mobile-friendly and supports multiple payment options, including recurring donations. Non-profits can track all donations made through the portal, and the software seamlessly integrates with other features of CharityERP.

  • The donation portal allows donors to set up recurring donations
  • Accept donations through credit card, debit card, net banking, wallets & UPI.
  • Charityerp offers integration with several payment gateways, giving you the flexibility to select the one through which you prefer to receive your online donations.


CharityERP's instant notification feature automatically sends email and SMS notifications to donors, acknowledging their donation and providing a soft copy of the donation receipt in PDF format. This feature promotes transparency and accountability in donation collection, while also ensuring donors receive prompt and personalized acknowledgment of their contributions.

  • Automatically sends email and SMS notifications to donors.
  • Includes a soft copy of the donation receipt in PDF format.
  • Customizable settings for notifications and receipt delivery.


    CharityERP is a web-based platform designed for easy donation management for non-profit organizations. Here are some points on how CharityERP can help with easy donation management.

    • With CharityERP, you can easily manage your donor information, such as contact details, donation history, and other relevant information.
    • The platform provides an easy-to-use online donation portal where donors can make donations to your organization. You can also track and manage these donations in real-time.
    • With CharityERP, you can automate the generation of receipts for your donors. This will help you save time and effort, and ensure that your donors receive their receipts promptly.


      CharityERP is an advanced and comprehensive donation management software that enables you to efficiently manage your donation collection system by importing all your tally ledger and receipts to Tally software. With its intelligent features and effective utilization of funds and resources, it provides a competitive edge to your organization.

      • Eliminate manual data entry for the accounting process.
      • Ensure simpler and faster recording of all the transaction.
      • Minimize the accounting efforts with the quick processing of data.


        Charityerp is a software designed to aid nonprofit organizations in managing their donor and donation data by providing a range of reporting features. It enables users to generate donor reports, which offer a comprehensive overview of a donor's giving history and communication preferences, as well as donation reports that specify the details.

        • Apart from donor and donation reports, Charityerp also permits users to create a collection report that summarizes all donations received during a specific time frame, making it a convenient way to track donation collection progress and identify areas for improvement.
        • A key advantage of using Charityerp is the ability to download data whenever necessary. This feature simplifies the process of extracting specific data sets for analysis or creating customized reports as required. Furthermore, Charityerp can offer valuable insights into top donors, enabling nonprofits to identify the most committed and engaged supporters of their cause.